My Gurudeva, Mahavatar Babaji
Mahavatar Babaji
My Gurudeva: Mahavatar Babaji, the Sadashiva Avatara

Caring teacher, attentive friend, perfect shoulder to cry on, completely dedicated individual, sharp and yet loving father and/or mother.

Master of all mankind and teacher of all major spiritual teachers on this plane, God's Will personified and humility incarnate,  immortal and forever young friend of all living beings.

He is omnipresent and omniscient, always and forever willing to assist everyone.

Paramhansa Yogananda, the Master who brought Kriya Yoga to the West, referred to Him as Babaji Krishna (Krsna is considered by Vedic culture the Supreme Personality of Godhead).

Sri Sankaracarya, the famous saint, was taught by Him, Ageless yogi - Maha Muni Babaji. Lahiri Mahasaya, the great Kriya Yoga master, referred to Him as Krishna. Sri Sitaram Omkarnathji has seen Him as Sri Krsna. Mahendra Baba stated Sri Krishna has appeared in the form of Sri Babaji.

Mentioned in the Puranas and other scriptures, he is known as Guru Gorakhnath. The Nath Sampradaya, among many others, revere him as Shiva Goraksha.

By His mercy, some disciples recognize Him as Sadasiva Avatar. There are no limits to the glory of this Divine Manifestation in human form!
Sri Babaji does not give much attention to such classifications, He appears just a mere human being to most people.

But in Truth, to Him whole world and entire mankind is within His heart:
"If you are happy, I am happy. If you have a problem, I have a problem..."

Emanations of Sri Babaji

Various teachings spring from our Eternally Youthful Gurudev, Sri Babaji. He always works from behind the scenes and rarely manifest Himself publicly.
He mostly works through His disciples. That was the case with Lahiri Mahasaya, the great Kriya Yoga master.

From 1970 to 1984, however, He was publicly teaching and was accessible to everyone in His ashram in Haidakhan.

There are written documents (mostly in Hindi), and accounts of personal experiences about His previous manifestations. One of these manifestations is known as the "Old Herakhan Baba" (Herakhan is the name of a village, known also as Haidakhan).

Previous emanation of
Mahavatar Babaji
Sri Babaji was present to His devotees in this Form from 1800 to 1922. It was in that Form that He initiated Lahiri Mahasaya into Kriya Yoga practice.

There are also accounts about Sri Babaji's even earlier manifestations.Sri Babaji Himself has told about His previous manifestations as one of the teachers of Sri Shankacarya, Jesus and Kabir.

One of His disciples relates a story of Sri Babaji being a Tibetan Lama, in 1300. He also hinted at His manifestation as the great Tibetan Yogi Milarepa. It is said that He was present on earth at least 5000 years back in the time of Mahabharata and even before that, in the time of Lord Rama.
Previous emanation of 
Mahavatar Babaji

Sri Babaji is one, His emanations are many, no doubt.
It is up to His devotees and disciples to realize His true identity and nature. No amount of mental speculation and reading will do...

His mantra is Om namah Shivaya.

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