24 August, 2016

Jetsun Milarepa

Jetsun Milarepa

Oh My gracious Guru, Marpa Lho Draug Wa,
From the depth of my heart I think of you.
In deepest earnestness I meditate on you.
That I never be separated from you, is my prayer.

Merging the Self-mind with the Guru is indeed a happy thing.
Manifestation itself is the essence of Reality.
Through the realization of this unborn Dharmakaya,
I merge myself in the Realm of Non-effort,
To both the high and low Views am I indifferent.
In the mind of Non-effort I feel happiness and joy.

The nature of Mind is the Light and the Void.
By realizing the awareness of Light-Void,
I merge myself in the original state of Non-effort.
To good and bad experiences am I indifferent.
With a mind of Non-effort, I feel happiness and joy.

The Six Senses and Sense Objects of themselves dissolve [into the Dharmadhatu].
Where the Non-differentiation of subject and object is realized.
I merge happiness and sorrow into one;
I enter the original state of Non-effort.
To right and wrong actions, am I indifferent.
Happy indeed is the Non-effort mind.
The very nature of the Dharmakaya
Is identified through its myriad forms;
The myriad forms are the Nirmanakaya of Buddha.

With this understanding in mind,
Whatever circumstance I may encounter,
I am free in the happy realm of Liberation!
To return to the home of Buddha I have no longing!
Happy indeed is this mind of Non-effort.

22 August, 2016

Secret mantra: the direct path

"According to Sutra teachings the root of samsara is self-grasping and the delusions that arise from it. However, according to Secret Mantra teachings the root of samsara is ordinary appearances and ordinary conceptions. The self-grasping recognized by Sutra practitioners is only a gross ordinary conception."
- The new guide to Dakini land

Self-grasping and delusions that arise from it, is only wrong perception itself, and thats all. Ego, the ahamkara (I am the doer, the "I and mine" notion) - there is nothing wrong with it. It is as guilty as, say, the reddness of an apple.

And so the Tantra teachings tell us to embrace everything and to deny nothing. Vedanta teachings, seen from Tantric perspective, pour in disharmony (into the mind) where none exist.

No need to deny anything; instead, tolerance and compsssion is advocated. All we need do is alter our perception and through the right view see all phenomena as it really is: an inherent part of Vajrayogini. And the Vajradevi Herself is non-existant. There is only thusness, blissfully empty.

Everyday life is all there is to it and the ultimate natural state of awareness, buddhadhātu, could as well be called "driving a car", "Saturday night" or "eating champa". A path of percieving everything as a part and particle of Vajrayogini, who is actually Empty Bliss, and experiencing that Bliss through any perception is in itself affirmation of the fact that you and me are already Vajrayogini.

It is indeed the most direct path.

29 February, 2016

Siddha Milarepa

Before the Great Siddha Milarepa left His emanation body, He sung the song below.
His compassion is boundless, limitless and even reading about His story can evoke His protection, guidance and blessings.

How much more might evoke repeating His mantra?

Siddha Milarepa mantra:

"I bow at the feet of the translator Marpa,
Father, protector of beings, who fulfilled his prayers.
Listen, all my disciples assembled here.

You have shown me great kindness.
I too have shown you great kindness.
Master and students are equal in kindness.
May we meet once again in the land Abhirati.

May all my patrons seated here
Likewise live long and gain merit.
May they avoid wrong intentions
And may their plans be fulfilled in accord with the dharma.

 May this region be blessed with good fortune,
The joys of increasing rich harvests,
And ever engage in the dharma,
Free from disease and discord.

In the land Abhirati may I once again meet
Those who have seen my face or heard my voice,
Remembered my life story,
Or heard of it or of my name.

In the land Abhirati may I once again meet
Those who act and practice with my life in mind,
Those who write or teach or listen to it,
Read it or pay it respect,
And those who emulate my life.

In the future may all individuals
Who are able to do meditation
And practice austerities, as have I,
Be free from obstructions and errors.

For those who practice an ascetic life
Lies merit beyond comprehension.
For those who urge others to choose such a life
Lies kindness beyond comprehension.
For those who hear my life story
Lies blessing beyond comprehension.
Through these three incomprehensible blessings
May they find liberation simply by hearing it, and then
Achieve their aims through its mere contemplation.

May all of my shelters and retreat places
And all of my personal belongings
Bring happiness wherever they are.

Just as the element space permeates Earth,
water, fire, and wind,
May I too be present in every place.

May the eight kinds of non-humans, from serpents to gods,
And hordes of local spirits and elementals,
Not carry out even a moment of harm
But rather fulfill these wishes in accord with dharma.

May I guide all beings leaving no one behind,
Not even the smallest of insects,
So that none falls prey to life's round."
(from Life of Milarepa book)

12 January, 2016

Clouds of Offering Mantra


Salutations and homage to the Buddha who crushes ignorance with the vajra essence. Praise to the one who is a vajra, is the great vajra, is the splendorous vajra, is the vajra of great knowledge, the vajra of the great awakening mind, the essence of great bodhicitta and the vajra of removing the veils of ignorance and purifying all actions.

"The Benefits of Reciting the Clouds of Offering Mantra

This mantra is not only for blessing, it also has the power to multiply the offerings. There are numberless Buddhas and by reciting this mantra each Buddha receives skies of offerings. That’s why it’s called the mantra of the clouds of offerings. The mantra has two functions: blessing and increasing. There are eight benefits of reciting this mantra explained in the Buddha’s teachings, the Kangyur:

The minute you remember this mantra, you gain the benefit of having made offering to all the Buddhas abiding in the ten directions, equaling the number of the atoms of the sand grains of the Pacific Ocean.

You get the benefit of having prostrated to the holy feet of all those Buddhas.

You receive the benefit of having made offering of flowers, incense, garlands of flowers, ornaments, ointments, Dharma robes, umbrellas, banners, flags, animals, sitting cloths, divine dress, food, various ornaments and so forth to all the Buddhas abiding in the ten directions.

You are freed from all negative karmas.

You gain all the merits.

You will see all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and they will “give you breath”.

You will be protected by nagas, devas, nöjin, smell-eaters, asuras, garudas, myemchi, dorje chenpo, Vajrapani the Owner of the Secrecy, and the Four Guardians. They will always follow you perfectly, protect you and guide you. If others try to inflict harm, they will hide you from that.

When you die, your consciousness will transfer from this world to Amitabha Buddha’s pure land, the Blissful Realm.

You receive all these qualities and benefits just by remembering this mantra once, without any need to do retreat."

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Download chanting of this mantra by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, here >>

The Power of this mantra
When you recite expressing some other mantras, then if you have visualized numberless buddhas and bodhisattvas etc., they actually receive skies of offerings.
There is a slight difference. With the Clouds of offering mantra, even if you don’t visualize, they get all this simply by the power of the mantra.